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  • CETEC: 
    Optimising Indoor Environment Quality to Improve Employee Productivity


    Vyt Garnys of CETEC, a sponsor company at the marcus evans HR Summit 2011, on the impact of Indoor Environment Quality and Facility Ecology™ on productivity in the workplace.

    Interview with: Vyt Garnys, Managing Director, CETEC


    People consider a healthy working environment at the top of the list of what motivates them at work, according to Vyt Garnys, Managing Director, CETEC. As organisations try to get the most out of their people in a tough business environment, Human Resources (HR) directors have to consider all the pieces of the puzzle that collectively affect employee productivity and performance. One piece out of place can render the business less effective and efficient, Garnys adds. From a sponsor company attending the marcus evans HR Summit 2011, on the Gold Coast, Australia, 6 - 8 March, Garnys discusses productivity and Facility Ecology™ and the four areas that can affect business efficiency.

    What is the high performance work environment?

    Vyt Garnys: The high performance work environment is the additional work that organisations can get out of people when the environment provides over and above the standard tools to employees. People are required to produce more with the same resources, and this can be done by organisations recognising the areas that affect their performance.

    What are people motivated by?

    Vyt Garnys: The old favourites such as having a gym are at the bottom of the list of what motivates or retains people nowadays. At the top of this list is having a good, healthy working environment.

    HR directors today need to adjust the environment to suit the particular tasks that people do. Architects might propose open plan designs to increase communication between people, but a number of studies around the world have shown that open plan environments can actually decrease productivity levels. HR strategies should involve looking at the environment and what the building offers, then blending the benefits to optimise the Facility Ecology™. 

    Facility Ecology™ is the interaction between people and the facility, and if an organisation has a strategy to optimise that, it can  achieve up to 10 to 15 per cent more productivity from labour and labour related costs. For an organisation with 1000 people, this can add millions to the bottom line.

    Most organisations do not have an integrated approach to Facility Ecology™, so what happens is that the facility manager, who is not trained in HR, does not understand why people are complaining about the air conditioning system that he believes is working fine nor does he realise how it is affecting their productivity level. To address such issues, HR has to build a team of facility and people managers.

    What areas of the work environment affect business efficiency and how?

    Vyt Garnys: The four factors are indoor climate (temperature, ventilation, noise, lighting, etc.), facilities (cafeteria, mail service, etc.), infrastructure (equipment, workstation layout, landscaping, etc.) and management. Weaknesses in any of these areas can lead to loss of productivity, dissatisfaction and render the business both less effective and less efficient. Furthermore, these four factors interact with each other and the occupants, so there needs to be an integrated management approach.

    What long-term strategies would you recommend to HR directors?

    Vyt Garnys: Focus on productivity. There was a lot of scepticism in the past when productivity could not be measured easily, but like many other perimeters, some HR directors are hesitant to commit only because they cannot fully understand how it can be measured. The concept of Facility Ecology™ is the new paradigm in HR.

    Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian
    Press Manager
    marcus evans, Summits Division
    Tel: + 357 22 849 313

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    CETEC Pty Ltd is a professional and independent scientific consultancy delivering high-productivity office environments based on technical solutions. We enhance our clients’ ability to create work environments and products that optimise people’s wellbeing and productivity and create sustainable operations. We do this by providing quantitative productivity assessments based on recognised indoor environment quality (IEQ) protocols and financial analysis.

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